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Who is Powering Your Ideas?

So, who powers your ideas?  In yester years one thought of Inventors and Ideators as lone rangers who transformed their concepts to finished works all by themselves. The facts behind these assumptions have however been questioned. To quote Clay Shirky (Here Comes Every-Body)” We are so natively good at group effort that we often factor groups out of our thinking out of the world. Many jobs that we regard as the province of a single mind actually require a crowd. Michelangelo had assistants paint part of the Sistine chapel ceiling. .. Even writing a book, famously solitary pursuit, involves the work of editors, publishers and designers; getting this particular book into your hands involved additional coordination amongst printers, warehouse managers, truck drivers, and a host of others in the network between me and you. Even if we exclude groups that are just labels for shared characteristics (tall people, red-heads), almost everyone belongs to multiple groups based on family, friends, religious affiliation, on and on”.

Central to enabling Ideas is providing an Architecture of Participation (read Tim O’Reilly). The diversity of aspirations (as demonstrated Clay) lead to convergence of purpose (as we see with examples of the world wide web, linux, and amazon which were driven by passion of individuals to make it happen along with economic incentives in certain cases).

Making Ideas Happen – A Platform for Co-Creation

There have been of late some great initiatives like the TATA-NEN Hottest Start-Ups and Economic Times Power of Ideas, that encouraged ideas from grass root levels to stand up and get counted. In case of the Power of Ideas Initiative, 1000 have made it to the shortlist and over 8000 others who have not.

It’s not enough to create buzz but to ensure that the buzz translates to solutions that can create value and generate wealth. For those that have as well as have not, what is required is a hive for Co-creation. Clay Shirky provides a great analogy – “Though the hive is not part of any individual bee, it is part of the colony; both shaped by and shaping the lives of its inhabitants. The hive is a social device, a piece of bee information technology that provides a platform, literally for the communication and co-ordination that keeps the colony viable. Individual bees can’t be understood separately from the colony or from their shared, co-created environment. So it is with human networks; bees make hives, we make mobile phones”.

Start Doing. By providing a platform for sharing and most importantly executing ideas, we can realize these ideas with the help of a community. PlanetAikon is providing that hive and platform for Ideators and Contributors to come together to realize their ideas. Here you can create your own Idea Spaces, bring in your team, publish your Idea, and get validation from others and mentoring from experts. Using the best of breed Web 2.0 tools on a single platform (instead of having to navigate different platforms), you can collaborate and co-create your solutions. This hive not only creates buzz but helps translate that buzz into action

We are currently offering all of these for FREE, because we sincerely believe the “bee-in-your-bonnet” deserves a shy at your destiny on your own terms.

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